Steak Pie. (A la Annie)

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Steak pie

I’m not a fan of steak pie with a lid on the top with a soggy underside.  I understand that’s what a lot of people like.  This isn’t for them.  This is Steak Pie (a la Annie). It’s made in a pot and also must have sausages, with pastry made separately, served on the top.


1 pack of puff pastry. (Bells in Scotland if you can get it.)

2 pound/1 kg of Shoulder Steak, sliced, from the butcher.

1/2 pound of proper pork link sausages, from the butcher.  Not fat ones and not any of those skinless type.

1 oxo cube…….. yes just 1.

1 heaped teaspoon of Bisto powder.

Flour, salt and pepper for dusting

In a separate pot add the sausages, cover with water and simmer/stew for about 20 minutes. Drain and set aside.  (Some sausages have a lot of fat.  You don’t want it in your steak pie.)

Shoulder Steak is a little fatty but a far better taste than rump steak.

Trim the steak yourself removing most of the fat and cut into 3” slices.  Don’t do the butchers 1” cube.

You need a heavy based pot with a lid.


Add a cup of flour to a bowl and season with salt and pepper.  Dip all of the steak pieces and set aside.

Add a little oil to the pot when warm add the steak pieces a few at a time.  Don’t overload the pan and let the steak sizzle and take on some colour.  Add a little extra salt and pepper as you go. Remove each small batch and repeat until all of your steak has been sealed.  Brown residue on the bottom and sides of the pot is good news.  We want to keep that.  Remove and excess fat from the pot, if you have any.

Add all of the steak back into the pot cover with boiling water by about an inch above the steak.  Then scrape all of the residue from around the pot into the water.  That’s the starter for your gravy.

Add 1 oxo cubes.  Bring back to a low simmer, almost cover the pot with the lid and simmer for about 90 minutes.  Check the simmer, water level and meat softening as you get to the end of cooking time.  A little longer if required until the meat will break up easily with a fork.

Add the sausages in for the last 5 minutes.

Mix the teaspoon of Bisto powder in a little cold water and add to the pot to thicken.

The pastry can be cut into triangle or whatever shape you want, slicing a few times almost to the base through each piece.  Pastry takes about 20 – 25 minutes to cook. Follow the packet instructions

Serve the steak pie with the pastry on top.  1 sausage each. Don’t be greedy.

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