Prawn Cocktail

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What happened to the Prawn Cocktail at Christmas?  Very 1970’s.


A nice pack of fresh prawns/shrimp.  

A few leaves of iceberg or crunchy lettuce, sliced

A tomato, chopped 

A piece of cucumber, chopped

A spring onion, chopped 

A couple of rings of tinned pineapple, sliced


A large glug of tomato ketchup

A not as large glug of salad cream….. some would use mayonnaise…..salad cream gives it a bit of life.  There’s nothing worse than a bland cocktail sauce.  

A bit of each into your bowls, prawns on top and add the sauce.  


A bit of the tomato, cucumber, pineapple around the sids, sprinkle with some paprika. 

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