Pollo al Pepe / Balmoral Chicken

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Pollo al Pepe / Balmoral Chicken / Chicken wae Haggis in the Middle….. and a growing number of alternative?

Good for leftover Haggis after Burns night. ( yes, I’m a bit early but we were out for dinner tonight and it reminded me of this.)

Also, great for preparing ahead and then whacking into the oven.

Ingredients (per person)

1 chicken breast (not too big, they go a long way)
Handful of Haggis. (Leftovers, a slice from the butcher or I’ve even made it with the tinned stuff.)


First “butterfly” the chicken ( that means cut into the thick end of the chicken, spread it one way and then slice in again and spread it the other way.)

Get 2 pieces of clingfilm/kitchen wrap, spread out the chicken breast between the two layers and bash the hell out of it (gently) until the whole breast has spread out evenly to about 3/8 inch.

With the chicken breast “outside” face down on 1 of the pieces of clingfilm, make a sausage shape of haggis, lay on the chicken and roll the chicken around the haggis sausage. Use the clingfilm to squeeze the whole thing into a tight sausage. Holding each end of the clingfilm and roll it on your worktop. Repeat for each person and put in the fridge to “set”

When ready to cook, transfer the chicken from the clingfilm to an individual piece of tinfoil, add a small knob of butter and wrap up leaving a little space at the top of the foil.

Put the individual portions on a tray in the oven for adout 30-35 minutes at 180c. Open the parcels 10 minutes from finish to colour, basting with the juices.

Edit: for the people who don’t like Haggis.

Ok….. Don’t like Haggis

I’ve also done this with bread and Paxo stuffing…. yes the Christmas stuff.

Same routing as above. Blitz up / grate some bread, add a bit of finely chopped onion and some Paxo Sage and Onion stuffing mix. Bring together with a little milk. Make it into a sausage and follow above.

Edit again: Yes it will work with Black Pudding as well and sausage meat and…..whatever you like.

There you go….. 4 recipes for the price of 1.

Pepper Sauce: or go buy a jar……


1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper
1/2 chicken stock cube
1 shallot or small onion finely chopped
Splash of Scotch Whisky or Brandy (some would say that’s a waste?)
1 tub of single cream


Sweat the shallot gently in a little oil for a few minutes. Don’t let it colour. Add the stock cube and black pepper. Add the whisky or brandy and flame the alcohol. (Tip the pan edge over the gas or try a match to light and burn off the alcohol.) ……. be CAREFUL. Watch your eyebrows?

Add a splash of water and the cream and continue to stir until the cream sauce thickens. Some would pass the sauce through a sieve but I like to keep the onion in.

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