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A welcome to Recipes and Blogroll at Corrigan Online.  Why? … A bit of therapy (maybe more on that a bit later).

I’ve dabbled with websites and forums in the past, in the days before Faceybook and Twittle took over the world, so I guess I’ve gone a bit rusty.

I’ve also enjoyed a bit of cooking over the years, so to get the old brain working again, I thought it would be good to write some of the recipes down.

What’s the theme of the recipes?  Well I suppose there’s a Scottish recipe slant to the whole thing.  So is it just recipes for Scottish stuff?  Nooooo…… It’s a recipe site set up by somebody who’s Scottish, so hopefully there will be lots of traditional Scottish recipes old and new to choose from.

Scotland has a wide and diverse culture and we Scots have spread all over the world.  We all love our Scottish food, as well as Chinese, Indian, Italian, Spanish dishes and all the other ones too, be it from a take-away, sitting-in at a restaurant or having a go at cooking it ourselves at home.

When far away, or of Scottish discent we miss those old family recipes and hunger for just one more outsider of plain bread, a slice of square Lorne sausage and HP sauce. You are all welcome here.

I’m sure you’ve tried some recipes and had some disasters.  Haven’t we all. I’ll try and keep things simple but fun. Some recipe comments are there to help avoid the pitfalls.  Always read the small print for hints. 

This is what the site is about, whether near or far, come and join in. Share your own recipes and ideas. Like the various recipes and use the Social Media Buttons (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Email and WhatsApp (mobile only) to share them with your friends. Register and Login today….. bear with me while I get the damn buttons to work.  More recipes, more members….. spread the word.

The Blog, well, we’ll see.  Those entries are a bit different. Maybe some fun stuff on a foodie theme that don’t come under recipes.  More later…..

Oh, one more thing….. “The Rules” This is meant to be a bit of fun and enjoyment. You won’t find any annoying adverts here. (I wouldn’t know where to start.) No posts selling or advertising are allowed. No religion, No politics (You know who you are….) It’s just cookin’ no stirrin’ So, If you see something that you don’t like, just move on and find something else. Somebody, somewhere has made the effort to post it.  No yukks, No bullying, No ifs, No buts.  If you do, your butt will be ejected.

Some of my recipes go back to mother Annie, Granny Law and others. I’ll save you from a photograph of myself at the top of the page and post a picture of my first attempt at Scottish Clootie Dumpling.  Annie’s recipe, the only one I won’t be sharing here, unless you’re a related Law or Corrigan.  (I will need to see birth certificates.)

If you see something broken or have a suggestion for the site. Let me know via the “Contact “ link.  My full team will be right on it. 

You did read my Disclaimer didn’t you?

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